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the ancient well

I had visited this place once before. That was four years ago.

However,due to that visit being part of scientific research I could not take the pictures that I wanted,nor could I publish them.And thats just as well cause I wasnt prepared for what I was about to see.That descent turned out to be my favorite of all I have done so far and the experience affected me deeply for a long time.Seeing a place that perhaps noone has seen since ancient times stayed with me all these years and I made myself a promise that I would revisit in order to relive that experience.

Visiting such a place can trigger feelings and images in your head you didnt know were possible.For instance seeing the small tunnel that was dug by hand, and the small ledges carved on the walls in order for the ancient slaves to put their oil lamps so they could see and work in the realy is an amazing sight...

I had been planing to revisit that little well since then,but this time I would be ready.

And that brings us up to date.

On saturday,november 6th of '21, I decided to go back to that little well and take the photographs I had imagined back then during my first visit.This time I would be ready.I found my replica ancient oil lamp,got my batteries charged,gathered up the necessary caving and srt gear and headed out to Anavissos-Athens to find that little mining shaft I had such fond memories of.

The reward was that I finaly saw that small mining tunnel in the same light and conditions that those ancient miners would have seen it when they lived and worked in there.That is what I wanted to capture and I am happy with the result.After two and a half millenia,the small tunnel was lit by some olive oil in a small oil lamp.Seeing that space lit by that small flame was a magical experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I hope you enjoy the photos,and please try to observe them.You will notice things in them both about the space as well as the conditions of work of the ancient miners and perhaps their lives in general.

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