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Updated: Oct 30, 2020 started as an effort that would give tattoo artist "Vasia Sereti" an opportunity to use and express her tallents,in ways that couldnt be achieved through a physical tattoo shop. The internet provides endless possibilities for those who have new ideas and a vision.

How am i involved? I like photography, and especialy mineral macro photography. I love discovering the beauty in the small details that can be hidden in a few millimeters of a rocks surface.

We decided to combine our talents, and create products that would carry Vasia's original artwork and my mineral macro photography.

We thought it to be an original idea and possibly the first time ever that such a thing was attempted.Nature is famous for creating the most unique patterns and designs,painted with the most beautiful colurs.The structure and colours of naturaly occuring crystals and minerals can be said to be the pinnacle of nature's tallent.So why not create clothes that celebrate that fact and allow people to safely wear the beauty of minerals found deep underground ?

Nature provides the beauty of its natural resources in the form of minerals,and we provide the world with the abbility to wear that beauty,always respecting those resources. 95% of my pictures that are printed on our created apparels and clothes,are photos of samples that ware taken "in situ",meaning that they were shot on the spot where the mineral was found underground,right at its "birthplace",without removing it from the earth.This way,their natural beauty can be enjoyed both by the wearer of the clothing item,as well as by the future underground explorer ,researcher,or visitor.

It is also important to us to get people acquainted with the beauty that exists underground beneith their feet in Greece,thus raising awareness to promote,respect and protect those natural treasures.What best way to do this,than by wearing for example a T-shirt or a skirt with a beautiful "Goethite" or "Adamite" crystal that no one has ever laid eyes upon before us? is the place to obtain products with unique,original designs and artwork that you wont find anywhere else.You can be certain you will be the only person wearing that bathing suit with the beauty of "Manganese oxides" or the beautiful crystal forms of copper such as "Chalcanthite" or "Azurite".

Who knows, perhaps a T-shirt's beautiful colours found deep inside the earth in "Lavrion-Athens",will inspire a kid to get involved with the earth sciences and become a geologist and researcher.

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